Picturesque Vacation

Picturesque Vacation

About Us

  With 5 years of experience in tourism industry, we were thinking to start own business since early of 2020. Unfortunately, a new virus named ‘COVID-19 ‘became threat to humanity which has quickly spread around the world. This pandemic situation started to affect tourism industry like other businesses all over the world. Tourism sector all over the world forced to stopped after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a global pandemic. That was a necessary decision too. This period helped us to prepare more and study about it. By end of 2020, Kerala tourism opened as the situation gets improved. Now the situation is getting more better with the development of COVID-19 vaccine. And we finally opened our tourism start-up company with all precautions – Picturesque Vacation

Kerala has started welcoming tourists once again after remaining under lockdown for the past few months.

Our Mission

We will be with you to customise your preferable holiday packages. Without any hesitation, contact us for any kind of packages all around India. We are specialized in Honeymoon packages, Group packages, Solo trips, Family holiday or Guided tours. At end, you can keep some long-lasting memories…

We are dealing directly with customers, not via a third party or any online platform. Which means, there would be someone from our side to assist or guide you from the beginning to end.

You can put all trust with us. And it won’t be a disappointed choice. Instead, you will have a great holiday. Thank you for trusting Picturesque Vacation

Come and visit again…….